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Make the Change to a Better Reinforcement System

Elasto Plastic Concrete has a simple vision – revolutionize the world of concrete reinforcement.

Our macro synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement is cheaper, tougher, safer, longer lasting and more environmental friendly than any known reinforcement system. In the past 20 years EPC has led synthetic fiber technology from the walls of underground mines to concrete in every industry sector on every continent of the planet… but we’re just beginning.

The time of expensive, high maintenance steel reinforcement is over. Join thousands of companies already using the macro synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement system and make the change to a better reinforcement today.

Low Cost

In addition to being the cheapest concrete reinforcement solution, using EPC’s synthetic fiber reinforced concrete and synthetic fiber reinforced shotcrete eliminates costly and time-consuming processes associated with steel rebar or mesh concrete reinforcement.

EPC’s fiber concrete is pre-mixed at the batch plant and delivered to site with your concrete, eliminating transport, storage and placement of steel reinforcement. By switching to our fiber reinforced concrete and eliminating steel set-up processes, our clients;


  • Reduce material costs
  • Increase daily completion rates
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce material handling and transport costs
  • Increase precast production speeds
  • Reduce equipment maintenance

Eliminates Corrosion / Low Maintenance

Our synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement will never, ever, suffer from corrosion, one of the main factors affecting the durability of steel reinforced concrete.

In contrast, EPC’s high quality polypropylene macro synthetic fiber reinforced concrete will not suffer the effects of corrosion and will maintain performance regardless of exposure conditions.

Our concrete fiber is not affected by concrete’s alkali environment and will not suffer late age strength loss (embrittlement).

  • No corrosion
  • Increased service life
  • Low maintenance costs


Do you have problems with rusting steel reinforcement? Our macro synthetic fiber reinforced concrete and fiber reinforced shotcrete solutions will solve that!

Better Quality Concrete

EPC’s multidimensional fiber concrete system distributes hundreds of thousands of high tensile strength fibers throughout the entire concrete mix. With our synthetic fiber reinforced concrete system there is no unreinforced zone and no need for a protective concrete cover.

We provide concrete reinforcement at the exact point it’s needed, reducing the onset of micro cracking, preventing crack propagation and minimising crack widths. The performance benefits of our synthetic fiber reinforced concrete and synthetic fiber reinforced shotcrete systems include;


  • Increased concrete toughness (ductility)
  • Increased seismic performance
  • Reduced crack widths
  • Minimised crack propagation
  • Increased impact resistance
  • No performance loss with age

Environmentally Friendly

EPC’s synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement delivers a 70% reduction in carbon footprint compared with steel fiber and steel rebar reinforcement.

Our environmental impact assessment shows that by using our fiber concrete and fiber shotcrete you will minimise your environmental impact using proven concrete reinforcement technologies.

How much carbon would you save?

Ready to discuss exactly how we can help you make the change to a better reinforcement system?

orange-tickFiber Classification

When specifying concrete fiber, it’s important to understand that concrete fiber reinforcements available today vary greatly in design and function, resulting in different types of concrete fiber for different applications.

Apart from glass fibers and natural fibers, international standards broadly distinguish 2 general types of concrete fibers;

Type 1: Steel Fiber

Type 2: Polymer Fiber or Synthetic Fiber; which is divided into two classes

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Class 1: Micro Fiber


Micro fibers are less than 0.3mm in diameter and are used for plastic shrinkage control, impact resistance and passive fire protection in tunnels. Micro synthetic fibers offer NO structural benefit to hardened concrete and therefore concrete containing only micro fibers should be considered plain concrete.

Class 2: Macro Fiber

Macro synthetic fibers are greater than 0.3mm in diameter and are used as structural reinforcement in concrete and shotcrete. Macro synthetic fiber reinforcement;

  • Provides toughness (ductility)
  • Increases post crack residual strength
  • Improves durability
  • Increases impact resistance
  • Reduces crack widths
  • Improves seismic performance

orange-tickEnsure Fiber Performance

Similar to ensuring the right type of concrete fiber, you need to ensure you’re getting the right performance from your concrete fiber.

Different manufacturing and material quality, together with its physical design results in a wide variety of performance levels within fiber types.

A minimum specification for synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement is;

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  • Tensile strength 600 MPa minimum
    • Tested to EN 10002-1 or JIS L 1013/ISO 2062
  • Young’s modulus > 8 GPa
    • Tested to EN 10002-1 or JIS L 1013/ISO 2062
  • Certified ISO 9001 manufacturing quality
  • Verified long term Alkali resistance
  • Independent certified laboratory testing to
    • EN 14651
    • ASTM C1609 / C1609 M
    • ASTM C1550
    • EFNARC / EN 14488-5 or Round Panels NB 7 / SIA 162

For large infrastructure projects, independent site testing should be undertaken to validate results in approved concrete and shotcrete mix designs.

orange-tickHow Does it Work?

Concrete is a brittle material and when subject to tensile stress it cracks. Once the concrete has cracked it has no more elastic capacity and quickly fails. Synthetic fiber reinforcement is added to concrete and shotcrete to bridge cracks and thus to impart post crack energy absorption capacity.

This capacity is often referred to as ductility or toughness, and EPC’s synthetic fiber reinforced concrete and synthetic fiber reinforced shotcrete is extremely tough.

When load is applied to plain concrete in a standard beam test, we can see that the concrete fails immediately after the peak load is reached.

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The addition of our macro synthetic fibers gives the structure increased toughness, a post crack flexural capacity that can meet and exceed the performance and serviceability requirements for nearly any concrete application.



orange-tickFiber Reinforced Shotcrete

Shotcrete, also called sprayed concrete, is defined as concrete pneumatically applied at high velocity onto a surface or substrate. It is cost effective, extremely versatile and can be easily and rapidly applied.

Macro synthetic fiber reinforced shotcrete has reached a maturity as an engineered material and is now widely used in all forms of tunnel linings, for temporary as well as permanent ground support in both mining and civil tunnel applications.

A key reason that designers and engineers are changing to EPC’s macro synthetic fiber reinforcement is the benefit of long term durability.

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EPC’s fiber reinforced shotcrete will never suffer from corrosion. When compared to the high rate of corrosion in steel bar and steel fiber reinforced shotcrete and the associated maintenance costs to meet service life requirements, the case for EPC’s synthetic fiber is overwhelming.

EPC’s synthetic fiber shotcrete reinforcement delivers many more benefits to the shotcrete process;

  1. Eliminates the installation of rebar resulting in increased development speeds and shorter construction times
  2. Improves site safety by ensuring no worker operates under unstable ground
  3. Enables shotcrete to follow the irregular shape of the ground surface as there is no need to cover mesh, resulting in thinner layers and reduced cost
  4. Delivers superior toughness when compared to all other reinforcement systems
  5. Reduces carbon footprint by 70% compared to steel alternatives

EPC’s synthetic fiber reinforced shotcrete has been used in over 5,000 km’s of ground support for tunnelling and mining applications and numerous civil infrastructure projects.

The Strongest Synthetic Fiber on the Planet





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